Creating a Blog

and Doing SEO for it

Creating a Blog: Is it Free or Does it Cost to Run an Online Blog?

Did you know that there are currently more than 150 million blogs in existence today? Maybe you follow and read several blogs each week, or maybe you don't know much about what a blog is and why it exists. The word "blog" is actually the shortened version of the expression "web log". They are basically websites that show the most recent articles or "posts" in reverse chronological order, meaning the newest post will be shown first.

Anyone can start a blog, and for nearly any purpose. From a basic online journal or personal website, to review & how-to articles, or even as a business website. Have you ever wanted to start a blog? Were you aware that creating a free blog is a relatively simple process? Your new blog could be up and running in as little as a few minutes and not cost you a single cent!

It might be helpful first to understand the difference between a free blog, and one that costs money. Typically, on a free blogging platform, you are getting a domain name that is longer and less customized. For example, on the free platform, versus if you were to buy the domain and hosting.

Paid blogs will also require monthly hosting, which is an ongoing expense, usually around $5 per month with a discounted rate if paid annually. Add that to the typical cost of a premium "theme" (Themes are the different designs of the sites, and are usually in the $50 range.), and possibly even adding in some premium "plugins" to give it increased functionality, and you could be up to a couple hundred dollars just starting out.

Another difference is customization of the overall site, and the amount of tech skills required. Most free blog platforms have stripped out some of the features and functionality in exchange for easier setup and maintenance, meaning that creating a free blog usually requires very little technical skills. If you want an even bigger hands off experience, you can use a blog writing service. On paid platforms, you need to be able to choose and setup different features in more of an a la carte fashion. This requires either more skills, or the money to pay for someone else to handle it for you.

I think that creating a free blog is a great way to start out. Many people setup a blog, then never do anything with it. They may add a couple of posts, then stop. When you look at the potential upfront and ongoing costs of a paid blog, it makes a lot of sense to start out with a free blog, and then upgrade your site if you enjoy it and stick with it. 


So, assuming you're ready to setup a free blog, where would you go? There are several different sites that host free blogs, and really the important thing is that you can find a "theme" that you like. Each free blog site will have a variety of themes to choose from, all with a slightly different look, different layout, and some differing functionality.

One of the best is the site you're on,!